Fuck Yeah, Seth Numrich!

(pronounced "NOOM-rick")

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Anonymous asked: Hi, do you know if Seth will be performing the monologue he wrote for Pornologues (that title omg) or if he will be at the show? Thank you so much! :)

I have no way of knowing for sure, but he finished with Fathers and Sons at Donmar on the 26th, so I’d say it’s very likely he’ll be in attendance.

He’s not listed with the performers in the article I linked to, so I wouldn’t expect him to be on stage (though you never know!).

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AMC Orders Second Season of Revolutionary War Drama TURN


AMC today announced that it has ordered a second season of its Revolutionary War drama, “TURN,” which attracted a passionate core audience averaging 2 million viewers a week over its initial 10-episode run. “TURN” will return to AMCwith 10 new episodes next spring.

"Craig Silverstein, Barry…


Totally forgot to reblog the announcement here! Yay, season 2. They go back to Virginia to film starting this fall.

Congrats, Seth! And congrats to us, who get to see more Seth on our TV!

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Just read that in real life Ben Tallmadge was considered one of the most “handsome” men of the Revolutionary War (Elza Ames)…Made me feel all fluttery inside like a silly schoolgirl :)  Seth Numrich is perfect for the role! xox 

He is! And I’m excited we’ll get to see more in season 2!

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